Three film clips - Journeys of an Ethnomusicologist


With stories, images, and songs, Craig Morrison outlines some of his experiences, research, and findings on the trail of how styles of rock and roll and its sources were created and developed.

Dr. Craig Morrison is an ethnomusicologist who teaches at Concordia University and the McGill Centre for Continuing Studies. He is the author of two books, including Go Cat Go ! Rockabilly Music and Its Makers, and numerous articles on music. His Ph.D. thesis was on psychedelic music in San Francisco. As a musician and bandleader, he has released 11 CDs, and his annual Roots of Rock and Roll Concert has been running for 17 years.

Journeys of an Ethnomusicologist - part 1 click here to see it

Journeys of an Ethnomusicologist - part 2 click here to see it

Journeys of an Ethnomusicologist - part 3 click here to see it

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comments from watchers :

I love your three part ethnomusicologist journey and I have been sending it to friends who question my sanity about taking "history of rock and roll" courses. They are always very impressed and totally understanding about my interest ! - AR, Montreal

is an ethnomusicologist, teacher, author, and musician
based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
7 Nights Music Communications, 2006